San Diego Comic Con 2014 CONtemplations

*COUGH* *COUGH* *SNEEZE* Wow, it’s certainly become a little dusty in here! What better way to knock the dust off this place than with a post for The League! This weeks assignment: — CONtemplation. SDCC 2014 is a wrap. What peaked your interest most this year? What was a disappointment? — Here are the main […]

‘Kirk v Turtle’ The Art of Stewart M. Craig [ART]

Greetings Chunkers’! Another ‘artful’ post this week (see what I did there? no? k.) from the halls of deviantART. This time I’m featuring the geek sprinkled art of  Stewart M. Craig aka StewartMortimer. Unfortunately Mr. Craig does not have prints available which is a shame, that ‘Kirk v Turtle would look mint in my living […]

Should’a, Could’a, But I Didn’t: Listen To Your Collector Instinct

This week’s League of Extraordinary Bloggers topic immediately brought back some emotional pain from earlier this year. (Thanks, Brian!) Why did I buy that? Why did I sell that? My biggest regret is… Regret comes with the territory in the world of collecting. It’s a fact of life. It doesn’t matter what you are  collecting […]