The Cap’n Crunch Late Night Talk Show


Yes, this is really happening. The Cap’n Crunch Show! That delicious, sugary, crunchy cereal that leaves that weird film on the top of your mouth now has a show hosted by no other than the Cap’n himself with Sea Dog. I had seen this on Mashable back in April but all that was on the YouTube channel was the following teaser trailer:

After waiting for over a month without any shows appearing I had forgotten about it but it now appears that the Cap’n and Sea Dog are in full swing because there are now 5 episodes on the YouTube page. I made it through 3 episodes before I had to tell you awesome folks about it. You can catch a new episode every other Tuesday night at 11:35 pm ET. So far my favorite is Dubstep: A Wub Story:

You can also keep up with Cap’n Crunch and Sea Dog on their official Twitter pages. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a strong urge to buy a couple of boxes of Cap’n Crunch and destroy the roof of my mouth.




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