The Walking Dead Series 2 Action Figures

The Walking Dead is one of those rare shows I get REALLY excited about. Y’know, the show you tell absolutely everyone about whether you think they care or not. It’s one of maybe 2 or 3 shows I will stop everything I’m doing and watch it. I don’t watch a lot of TV shows religiously, like some people, throughout the year so when The Walking Dead comes on in my house you either watch it or leave. I think one of the reasons I love the show so much is because it’s different from the comics. Don’t get me wrong, I love the comics, but having the show deviate just enough from the comic yet still the same is brilliant. Anyway, on to the toys!

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UPDATE 3/26/2012: This set is no longer available at Entertainment Earth due to the fact that Daryl Dixon is sold out. Get him on Amazon.

Here’s the entire 6-inch set showing from left to right, Deputy Rick Grimes, Zombie Walker, Daryl Dixon and Zombie Biter. Same deal as Series 1, you can pick up the whole set for $55.99 at Entertainment Earth which is $1 off each if you were to buy them separately.

Deputy Rick Grimes, looking to put a bullet in a zombies head, got the ol’ 3D scan treatment from Andrew Lincoln for likeness. He does have a pretty good resemblance to Mr. Lincoln but not as much as I would expect from a 3D scan. Hopefully all the pics on the Internets don’t do the likeness justice. Deputy Rick Grimes will be kinda looking like Andrew Lincoln while holding a baseball bat, walkie talkie, hand grenade, shotgun and revolver accessories.

Probably one of the most famous zombies is Zombie Walker. Remember when everyone was like, “O-M-G, W-T-F, is that Jim Carrey?!!”? Yea, that was this guy. Not a big surprise they made him into an action figure but  you can tell they tried to make the figure look more like Jim Carrey than the actual zombie did in the show. There are no accessories on Zombie Jim Walker but don’t worry, you can wind him up and watch him walk away!

UPDATE 3/26/2012: Entertainment Earth (and just about everybody) is out of Daryl Dixon. Pick him up at Amazon.

…and the award for Best White Trash Hillbilly Zombie Killer goes to… Daryl Dixon! Another figure that got the 3D scan treatment straight from Norman Reedus (In nomine Patri. Et Fili. Spiritus Sancti.) They must have let the 3D scanner warm up longer for this one because it’s a much better likeness than Rick Grimes. Daryl Dixon comes with the whole Hillbilly package that includes a hunting knife, fire ax, crossbow, pick ax and of course squirrels hanging from a string. Good eatin’!

O-M-G W-T-F, is that Quentin Tarantino?!! Thanks to Zombie Biter here, Daryl Dixon’s badassness was introduced to us when, after being beheaded by the group, Dixon comes along and shoots him in the head with his trusty crossbow. A little Zombie Apocalypse 101 for the group. Zombie Biter comes with only one accessory, deer meat, but thanks to some spring-loaded action he can bite on it!


  1. Jason colburn says

    I would love to see the zombie that Andrea stabbed with a screwdriver in the RV made into an action figure for the next series! Thanks.


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